SYMPHONYeSignature is a best in class e-Signature software for hotel Front-desk operations.

SYMPHONYeSignature for Windows is a highly friendly desktop application software, which will help you with your legally-binding business documents which are produced in your daily business processes or received from your business associates for the purpose of reviewing and signing.

System Requirements:
• PC: Windows 7 / 8.x / 10
• Wacom signature pad (STU series), pen display (DTU series), or even simple graphic pads (CTL series, Bamboo latest generation) or other supported Wacom devices including the tablet PC with built-in Wacom digitizer.

SYMPHONYeSignature will help you to significantly reduce the amount of printed paper and paper-related work in your daily office works.

You no more need to –
1. Print
2. Review
3. Sign
4. Scan
5. Key
6. Store ….
7. Shred or file the paper copy
8. Retrieve
9. Delete.

With SYMPHONYeSignature it is reduced to:
1. Review on screen
2. e-Sign
3. Retrieve

Your precious work time can now be used for more productive tasks as your overhead tasks are reduced to a minimum.

Save any office document as a PDF file and then you can e-Sign it and secure it as an original copy for as long as the relevant regulations require.

With SYMPHONYeSignature you can:
• Generate your own Digital Certificates (standard PKI / Advanced Elec. Signature).
• Fill or annotate PDF documents using text annotations.
• Acquire graphic objects which may be required to complete the document, such as: scanned ID card, Signer’s stamp image, etc.
• Capture electronic handwritten signature using a dedicated e-Sign device or a touch-screen.
• Stamp the document with personal or business stamps which you can store in your stamps folder.
• Digitally sign the document file using your self-created Digital Certificate (Advanced Elec. Signature) or select any other Digital Certificate which is available on the PC including a Qualified Elec. Signature certificate which resides on a USB Token or a smartcard connected to your PC.

The signed document is a secured / temper-proof Adobe Acrobat compatible PDF file, so it can be viewed by any PDF viewer which supports Adobe Digital Signature standard.

The signed document, unlike a scanned document is full-text searchable document, so when stored on your PC or in Dropbox, you can search for it or in it with any keyword.

Users can sign documents using a Wacom signature pad or to Read & Sign using a 10 inch Electronic-pen Display, which enables your clients to review and then sign an e-document, using their handwritten signature in the same way as they would sign on paper document (“What You See is What You Sign”).